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After a decade of working with thousands of clients and writing 5 best selling books on weight loss and health, it became very obvious to me that everyone started their day off well, only not to finish it as well. Poor nutritional choices such as high glycemic index foods  made with refined flours and sugars, specialty coffees and oversized dinners were hand in hand with ill health and an increase in body mass index.

I knew to maintain proper blood sugar control, hit a healthy body weight and feel energetic and fit, it was critical to “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” To read research recently published in the Journal of Obesity that supports this, click here.  

My goal is creating was to provide my clients (and you!) with the perfect option to satisfy your cravings – at 3pm, after dinner, if travelling etc.  They are the perfect long- lasting “on the go” treat to keep you on track to make healthier choices.

Next time you have a sweet tooth or a hunger pang that just won't quit – enjoy a couple . With less than 20 calories per chew and a high source of fiber in every serving– these irresistible bite size treats are natural, satisfying, delicious and convenient!

Less than 20 calories per chew
4 grams of inulin fiber per serving
No artificial sweeteners or colours
Individually wrapped for the perfect pop in your purse "on the go" treat
Gluten free!

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